Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Luau (3)

I was having a great time at the Luau. Playin' it cool. Talking to Sean but also talking to other people. He was talking to me at one point and winked at me. It was at this point that I knew I liked him. He invited me to go hot tubbing with a bunch of people after the Luau. I followed him to his house to get his suit (I don't know why but I had mine in my car?). We then went to another house to meet up with everyone else. When we were leaving I thought I would ride with Sean. I was pretty shocked when I saw two other girls in his truck. I decided this was no big deal and just drove myself. While hot tubbing and swimming at the Camelback Inn, Sean paid 0 attention to me. Not even any winks in my direction. He did however, pay A LOT of attention to the afore mentioned on again off again girlfriend. Apparently, they were back on? I was furious. After an hour or two of this, I had had enough. I got out of the pool and got ready to leave. I "made" a phone call. At this point, Sean comes up and asks where I am going. I tell him that my friend called and asked me to meet up with him. Sean asks who. I say, "why does it matter." He asks who again so I tell him I am meeting up with Nick, a guy I dated last summer but we are friends now. Sean asks me to go watch a movie with everyone. What?! Umm, no. We all end up leaving at the same time. Sean is in the lane right next to me as we are heading back home. I can see that he is looking over at me. Instead of looking back, I play it cool and take a phone call for the rest of the drive while he is looking at me. I guess I will call basketball guy the next night when he gets back in town.

***note...it was not until much later in our courtship that I let Sean in on the secret that I did not have plans with Nick later that night after the hot tub; nor was I talking to anyone on the phone while driving home. Play on playa.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We meet (2)

I was starting to like basketball guy and enjoyed hanging out with him. But he went out of town every weekend. So I went to a wedding reception for my friend Jamie with my parents. While there, I spy high socks guy. He's not with on again off again girlfriend. Good. I go talk to some friends who introduce me to high socks guy. His name is Sean. He gives me high five when we meet and tells me I am pretty good at frisbee football. He asks me to go to a movie with them after the reception. Cool. I talk to my married friends who tell me the guy they want to set me up with is at the reception. They point to Sean. Small world. The movie was horrible, we were both embarassed during the whole thing; so we mostly talked during it. After the movie, Sean invites me to come to the ward luau the next night. "It's gonna be off the hook" he tells me, "I'm the ward activity chairperson." He's got confidence. Impressive.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reason # 1 why I need to live in the same location as my husband

Saturday I decided to be helpful and trim our bushes that were out of control. I got out the electric trimmer and was making some lovely progress until I cut through not one but TWO extension cords. That's when my nephew Tanner took over (thanks Tanner, it looks great!). Guess we'll be making a trip to the local Home Depot today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Before We Met (1)

Awhile back my friend Em documented on her blog her journey of meeting/dating her husband. I want to document my journey with Sean.

I had just come home from my second year at BYU and was ready for a fun summer. I had become more outgoing at BYU, a little more bold, and a little less shy than I had been in high school. I had been home a few weeks when I got my wisdom teeth out. I was out from that event for a few days but decided to go to the local single's ward Family Home Evening. I was a little self-conscious about this because my brother (one of them anyways) told me to not worry because since my face so swollen, my nose looked smaller. Nice. I went anyway. After the activity I stayed to play basketball. I was the only girl. After awhile it was only one other guy and I shooting around. We started talking and made a bet on a shot. Whoever didn't make the shot, had to buy the other one a drink at Circle K. I lost. We drove to Circle K and got some drinks and talked in the parking lot for awhile. He was impressed with my car. It belonged to my sister Amy, who I was living with at the time.

The next week I went again (even with my nose that now looked bigger since my face was no longer swollen) to FHE hoping to see this same guy. He wasn't there. The ward was playing frisbee football. I had learned to play this at BYU and I've gotta be honest here, I dominated that night. I noticed a guy who was yelling to his team a lot on where to go. He had his socks pulled up to his knees and I could tell he was getting frustrated that no one was catching me. I ran faster. He couldn't catch me either, and trust me, he was trying. At the end of the night I saw "cute high sock guy" talking to another girl. I asked a friend who he was and she said, "oh that's Sean, I wouldn't talk to him, he's on and off with his girlfriend all the time." Too bad, I thought.

The next week, basketball guy called me and we started going on some dates and hanging out a lot.

A few weeks later, I am hanging out with a married couple who tell me they have a friend they want to introduce me to that would be perfect for me. They are "just waiting for him to finally end things with his girlfriend."

Whatever. I'm dating basketball guy.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Who thinks of this stuff? Emily tagged me. I don't want to do it, but she said I had to. 

here's the rules:
once you're tagged, you must take your picture right then and there.
no editing.
no changing clothes.
no adding makeup.
that's right, we wanna see the real you.

SO for your viewing pleasure: 

Jealous of my real beauty?! HA. Luckily my bangs are covering my blemish, otherwise I might have cheated and put on some make-up! 

Now I tag: Val, Katie, Andrea, and Em   (if I had to do it, then so do you!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

P. What begins with P?

"write about 10 things you like that start with the letter "

Em passed along the letter tag- she's given me the letter "P".

In no particular order:

1. People watching: LOVE it. This is probably one of our fave things to do. Just yesterday while I was stuck in Winslow, AZ for 3 hours while the freeway was closed! I passed the time in Walmart and got myself a pedicure (see #2). While sitting there I was able to see all kinds of people: one mom who slapped her son and yelled "don't hit," one lady telling her husband she would like a pedicure and the man said "ya right," a trucker who kept pacing back and forth in front of the store...I could go on and on, it fascinates me.

2. Pedicures: My friend Nikki and I try to get one together every couple of months. It's my hour of get away time to relax and get pampered. And come away with cute toes too! And I'll even get one at Wal-Mart too.

3. Ping-Pong: We had one growing up and it was always fun to play with my dad when he came home from work. When I met Sean and we played he would get so mad that he couldn't beat me. A guy he works with in Lousiana has one, and Sean's practicing every night to try and beat me. Won't happen.

4. Peaches: I will only eat peach jelly. I love peaches and milk, plain peaches, peach jelly, canning peaches, love it all.

5. Pinewood: My grandparents had a cabin in Pinewood that I would spend weeks at during the summertime. I have such great childhood memories of being at the cabin. We still go up to the cabin and it's so fun to watch Carter enjoy it as much as I did.

6. Pools: I love swimming. We had a pool growing up and my brother Spencer, neighbor Nikki, and I spent countless hours in the pool: getting rocks thrown at my face, playing Colors and Shark, almost killing myself on the diving board while doing a back flip, and putting buckets on our heads to walk under water. Good times.

7. Paula Abdul: Straight Up, I love her songs from the glory days. Her CD was the first CD I ever got when CD players first came out. In college a group of us drove to Gunlock and my car was full of girls and Jarom. We had just recently met Jarom and when I put in Paula and he was able to sing "he's a cold hearted snake" just as loud as me, I knew we'd be great friends.

8. Pumpkin cupackes: YUM! I don't even like cupcakes but these are addictive!

9. Pei Wei: Have you eaten here before? Sean got Carter hooked on it. Carter asks for it on a regular basis and actually eats his chicken with chopsticks. Have you ever seen a 3 year old eat with chopsticks?

10. Picnics: Some of my favorite dates with Sean were picnics in Provo Canyon. Carter and I have at least one picnic a week. It's so relaxing.

What's your favorite thing that starts with P?

Want to do your own letter? Let me know and I will give you a letter.

That is sick...

I am in schools and classrooms throughout the state almost on a daily basis. I've seen some really great teachers and some not so great teachers. I even taught high school for a few years prior to my current job, so I know a little bit of what to look for in an effective classroom. I've walked into classrooms where right when you walk in, you know there is a lot of learning going on; these are the classrooms I want my own child in. And then I've walked into other classrooms where the teacher was sleeping. Literally, he had a room full of students and he was SLEEPING. I had to tap him on the shoulder to wake him up. This is a classroom I do not want my child in. Today at a school I was reading some posters on the wall that the students had made. It baffled my mind. The posters were split in half and on one side was the word "tuff" and on the other side was the word "tough." And under each word were pictures that I am guessing were supposed to depict the word. What baffled my mind was that each poster had similar pictures under both pictures. One student had pictures of trucks under "tuff" and then another student had pictures of trucks under "tough." So which is right? There were pictures of athletic looking girls under the word "tuff" and also pictures of athletes under the word "tough." I was confused. What was the point of this assignment. I even had to go to the dictionary to look up the word "tuff" to see if I was missing something. Do you know what the first definition is? It's slang for tough. The next definition is "a fragmental rock consisting of the smaller kinds of volcanic detritus..." Some kids did have pictures of diamonds under "tuff" so is this what the assignment was really about? If so, over half the class did the assignment wrong yet they are posted proudly in the hallway like works of art. If going to school means my child will learn slang, I'm pretty sure I can teach that to him on my own. Afterall, I did teach alternative school in West Phoenix. I know when ice is chill to wear or when it goes in your drink. Sometimes the classrooms I am in make me sick (like the real kind of sick, not the slang for sick that really means cool).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Carter in his Easter outfit before he conked out after church. I love this kid!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carter's officially 3 now

Back in December, Sean came home one day and said, "I think we should get Carter a sand box for Christmas. It will keep him busy for hours." We didn't get it.
A couple of days ago I told Wendy that we got Carter a sandbox for his birthday and here is how our conversation went:
Wendy-was Sean ok with that?
Me: ya, he was all for it. in fact he is really excited about it. why?
Wendy-well, when I suggested it for Christmas, Sean said no way because it would be too messy.
Me: really? He told me he thought Carter would play with it for hours.
Wendy-(cracking up) that's what I told him! Nice sales pitch Sean!

I am really thinking that this bug vacuum is going to come in handy for me. I hate bugs. Now Carter can catch them for me if one is inside. We've already had one bug biting incident but I think he'll be out again tomorrow trying to catch more bugs.

Carter wanted an "Alex" (from Madagascar) birthday cake. Here's how it turned out.
I'm so glad we live so close to family. We were able to all get together for a last minute birthday party after school today. It was lots of fun!
The older kids even organized an easter egg hunt for the younger kids.
For the last few weeks I have been asking Carter how old he would be on his birthday. He kept saying, "umm 45." Today, when I asked him, he said, "I'm all grown up, I'm 3." So I guess it's official.

Monday, April 6, 2009

An old friend...

Christa and I met when we were both teaching high school at the same school. We instantly became friends and spent lots of time talking in each other's classrooms. I was devastated when she did not come back to teach after my first year. Luckily, she still stopped by to visit me. Then I left teaching for my current job and we still visit each other. It usually only happens once a year, (with a few more phone calls/texts throughout the year) but we pick up right where we left off. Today was no exception. We met at a park by her work so Carter could play and we could chat. When we got there, she had a cake with candles and all for Carter and a present for him. I didn't even know she knew when Carter's birthday was! Christa is one of the most giving people I know. When I told her I was pregnant with Carter she brought me a gift. Then she came to my baby shower and brought a gift. Then after Carter was born she came to visit and brought yet another gift. She remembered his first birthday and got him a gift. Carter was especially happy today as he dug his fingers into the cake and played with the toys she gave him most of the time we were there. Her kindness amazes me. I am so grateful for old friends.
*picture taken in 2003 at RCB High School

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A bad joke?

Do you think the beautiful flowers from our garden and the cute kid waiting on the counter for Sean to get home today will be enough of a distraction for what's waiting outside for Sean? This morning when I went to cut said beautiful flowers, this is what I saw: a broken sprinkler and a flooded backyard. (it's hard to see in the picture but the grass and rocks are totally flooded). I guess this explains why my grass looks dead. 
Maybe I could start by saying, "Surprise, you get to stay inside all weekend and do nothing."

April Fool's. 

Sometimes he checks the blog so maybe he'll see this before he gets home and my joke will be ruined.