Monday, March 23, 2009

It's just a thing...

Deep's just a thing, it's just a thing, it's just a thing.

Yes that is my car. Yes many of you know how picky I am about my car(s). Yes I held my composure as I told myself "it is just a thing."

**Update: Here's what happened: Carter and I took my bike tire into the bike store to get some new tubes. He rolled the tire into the store for me. When we got home he wanted to roll the tire inside. He was doing that while I carried the first load of stuff into the house. I came back out to the garage and he had the tire sideways on the hood of the car and was pulling it down. As he pulled it down the tire made some lovely scratches on the car.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Thoughts of the week...

*On St. Patrick's Day I went to a school and the classroom I went to invited me for breakfast: green french toast, scrambled eggs, green mashed potatoes, and green koolaid.
*I sat at a desk in a classroom and watched as a student started rummaging through my computer bag. He really liked my phone and was playing with it for a few minutes until he threw it back in my bag and climbed over me to get to the computer.
*At the park today Carter yelled, "Hey Jessica, look at me!"
*I fell down the stairs at my sister's house this week. Good thing I didn't break my ankle like Wendy did when she was pregnant and fell down the same stairs. My ankle is a little sore though.
*The sign at the park said the playground was for kids ages 5-12. I still let Carter get on. Who made up that age group?
*I am helping coach my niece's softball team. We threw the ball around tonight--I'm excited.
*I saw a student at a high school with red eyes. It was freaky.
*I really miss the husband.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dora the Tween?

We love D-D-D-Dora in our house; Boots and Super cool explora Dora. But now she may not be so cool. I was watching the news tonight and was pretty surprised to hear that Dora is growing up. She's getting a new look and is moving to the city. What? How is a monkey going to live in the city with her and go to middle school? The Simpsons haven't been forced to grow up in like 30 years, right? So why should Dora?
Here's her new look. The newsanchor actually called the new Dora "a tramp." Harsh. (I tried to find it online because it was actually pretty funny/awkward) Apparently Nickelodeon felt like it was time for her "to move with the times." One guy that was interviewed on the news said it best when he said, "if she's dressing like that, what's she going to be exploring?"

read the full article here

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Good Weekend is...

Getting to go on a 20 mile bike ride by myself outside...
Going shopping for new pants because I dropped one pant size(!)...
Only changing half as many diapers...

Going to the zoo with Dad...
Being able to answer Carter's question of "where is Dad?" with, "he's home!" **above: last week Carter said he wanted to go to Daddy's work. I told him he couldn't because he wasn't packed and it was a long trip. He came back a few minutes later with his backpack stuffed full of his toy animals and said, "I'm all packed, let's go." I said, "you don't have any clothes or diapers packed." He replied, "I'm wearing them." Hopefully, we'll get to go visit Sean soon. The other night during story time, the book, which talked about making wishes said, "What's your wish?" Carter, without hesitation, said, "Umm, I wish that my daddy would come to my house." Sean got his wish for this weekend at least! It went way too fast, Sean is already on his way home back to Louisiana, but it was sure a good weekend with him home.