Monday, November 29, 2010

Vote for which Shutterfly card YOU like the best.

Have you seen the Christmas photocards at Shutterfly yet? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE them. There are so many to choose from. It is hard to pick a favorite to use this year. Here are my top 6 faves (I know it should be 5, but I just couldn't decide!). You tell me which one YOU like the best!*I like that you can have more than one picture on the card, because just like I can't decide on my favorite card, I also can't decide on my favorite picture.
*Wouldn't this one be so great to add your Christmas letter right on with your picturs?! Perfect, right!
*LOVE how simple this one is.

*Both of these cards would look great with my pictures because the brown backgrounds match what my kids are wearing in their pictures.
*LOVE the snowflakes, and again the simplicity of the card. Classic.

Now YOU decide. Tell me which one you think I should use this year. Ready, go!

To see the cute photo cards I've posted here and the other designs, click here.

But wait! There are other things you can get at Shutterfly! If I were having a Christmas party, there are lots of invites to choose from. Check it.

Need a cute Christmas gift for a loved one? What about these photo calendars? So easy--yet they will be cherished for a lifetime! Go look at them, here!

Go check out their Christmas cards and see what YOU can do to get 50 free Christmas cards!!

Thanksgiving 2010


All 27 of us went to my parents cabin for Thanksgiving this year. The festivities started on Wednesday night by going to Polar Express in matching pajamas! Thursday morning we had our first annual Turkey Trot and then spent the rest of the time eating and playing!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

2 months

*23 inches
*13 lbs
*spits up like crazy!
*smiles like crazy!
*starting to "talk" and laugh
*loves to snuggle and not lay down by herself

*p.s. isn't her outfit the cutest? the sweater was mine when i was a baby!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

right where i wanna be

last night, sean got home from work at 7. we got take out and watched a movie with carter while the baby slept. it was an ideal night. sean's friend told him he was lame, since it was our anniversary. whatev, i say. after 8 great years, there's no other place i'd rather be than with my little family.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

baby blessing

in our church babies are given a blessing when they are a few weeks old and then baptized when they are 8 years old. sean gave char a beautiful blessing yesterday. most of our immediate family was able to attend the blessing and then we had yummy food afterwards and a fun time hanging out. thanks to everyone who came!
this dress was made for my grandpa to wear when he was blessed. it is over 100 years old! both my sisters and i were blessed in it as well as two of my nieces. charlotte was beautiful in the old dress and even had a new bracelet to wear from her grandma!

Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween 2010

a preschool party and the ward trunk or treat, a cute ladybug (thanks marlee!), an awesome ironman, making caramel apples=LOTS of halloween fun