Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sean's brother Brandon has started his own cooking classes. Here is a flier for those who are interested. It is a little small so click on the image and you should be able to read it a little bit better. I had to shrink it a bit to fit it on the blog. Sean and I are going to do it, so it should be a lot of fun! If you know anybody who would be interested you should send them this flier.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Editing Pictures

I am learning how to edit our pictures on our new computer. It is pretty fun!

Friday, September 21, 2007

1st Bike

Carter is lovin' his new bike. He looks so big in these pictures...I can't believe it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I did it!

I did my 2nd triathlon yesterday. I didn't do as well I as I had hoped but I was pretty sick, so I am just glad I finished. I had no water on the bike ride---so that part was not fun. This was a reverse triathlon so you ran, and then biked, and then swam. The swimming part was pretty crazy---there were people everywhere so it was hard to pass. One guy in front of me kept walking but I was finally able to pass him. Hopefully, I don't get sick on my next one in November.

Cone Head

Here's Carter entertainng himself at my triathlon yesterday.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Backpack, backpack

Carter picked up this backpack in the store on Saturday and wouldn't let it go. We thought he looked so cute (or we're just suckers and he's spoiled!) so we bought it for him. He did look really cute on Sunday when he walked into church wearing it. He didn't take it off until about 20 minutes into church!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

I thought I would humor my sister-n-law and answer these questions since she "tagged" me before and I didn't do it!

My husband...

What is his name? Sean Thomas Klippel
How long have you been together? We met in May of 2000
How long did you date? We got married in November 2002
How old is he? 29
Who eats more? Sean
Who said I love you first? Sean, even though he was weird about it, but that's another story
Who is taller? Sean
Who sings better? Sean, even though I am a close second in xbox Karoke!
Who is smarter? Depends on the subject
Whose temper is worse? Sean
Who does the laundry? I do it most of the time
Who does the dishes? Sean cooks I do the dishes
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Sean
Who pays the bills? I did it for the first 4 years of marriage but Sean has taken it over now
Who mows the lawn? Sean, I think he might get mad if I ever tried to do it--he's pretty peculiar about his yards
Who cooks dinner? Sean
Who drives when you are together? Sean
Who is more stubborn? I think Sean is, but he would probably be stubborn and say that I am!
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine
Who kissed who first? he kissed me!
Who asked who out? he asked me out!
Who proposed? he did
Who is more sensitive? Sean!
Who has more friends? we're pretty equal on this one
Who has more siblings? we have the same number of siblings
Who wears the pants in the family? we don't wear any...especially in the kitchen! (LOL-I am sure most of you know the kitchen story by now!)

Now I tag....

Alicia, Stefanie, Emily , Val, Cami, and Em