Friday, April 29, 2011

take 32

who knew it would take so many tries to get a decent picture with only the 4 of us!

**Easter Sunday. I made Carter's tie. It matched my skirt. Sean asked me to make him one too. I thought he was joking. Apparently he wasn't. Carter told me he hated the tie because it had pink in it, but he would wear it one time for me. So nice of him.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter festivities 2011

*bought 3 baby chicks (actually roosters, want one? seriously.) for the primary party. took them to both family parties. they were a hit
*picnic at the park with the klippel family. carter wrestling with uncle mike led to all the boys wrestling. good times were had by all
*easter baskets. carter loved his treats in his basket. char loved her basket
*egg hunts. 4 different times.
*easter dress. my mother in law made her dress. i LOVE it. so many people asked where i bought it at! can you believe i found the perfect matching shoes for $2 after the dress was made? me neither!
*easter lesson. i was in charge of sharing time (the lesson) in primary. i asked several people to come in, pretending to be someone who knew the savior and share their story of how they knew the savior and testify of his resurrection. they did a wonderful job. the kids loved listening to them and the spirit was so strong. so glad to know our savior lived and died for me and to be able to celebrate this with friends and family
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

our date

Sean got Coyote tickets a few weeks ago but couldn't go to the game so we got a babysitter for Char so Carter and I could go to the game. We had so much fun together cheering for the Coyotes, getting ice cream after the game, and being secret agents after the game as we dodged the bad guys all the way back to our car. This kid cracks me up. Here's a conversation he had at school that his teacher sent me: "one kid called me Miss Amber and someone said, 'that's not Miss Amber, that's Miss Linda.' I joked with the student and told him Miss Amber was young and pretty and I was old and wrinkly. One student said, 'you don't have any wrinkles Miss Linda' And then Carter said, 'yes she does. Look at her forehead!' It's a good thing Carter is cute or he might not be graduating from preschool!!"

Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


LOVE this girl of mine. she is 7 months today. she has become pretty good at a few routines. she is on a great nap schedule. she is finally sleeping through the night pretty consistently. she loves her baths in the big tub with her brother. and although she HATES the car seat, she LOVES our monday, wednesday, and friday morning routine. as soon as carter leaves for school we are off in the stroller for a run. we usually go around 3 miles and she is as content as can be. i look forward to our runs together. i am sad that we probably only have a few more weeks (if that) of this routine before it is way too hot outside to run. maybe we can replace it with swimming laps in the pool?!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

this boy is 5

Carter requested Puff Pancakes for breakfast. After school, Sean came home from work and we all (plus cousins Mallory and Tyler upon Carter's request) went to see the movie Hop. Carter and Tyler then went to soccer practice. After practice, we told Carter he could pick what he wanted for dinner. Shockingly (not really) he chose Pei Wei. After Pei Wei we came home and opened presents. He got a scooter and a camera. He and Tyler watched a movie but were asleep after only a few minutes. It was a super fun day for a fun 5 year old!

A little info about Carter at age 5:

Favorite food: Puff Pancakes
Favorite drink: Chocolate Milk
Favorite movie: Avatar: The last Airbender
Favorite show: Dino Squad
Favorite sport: soccer and tball
Best friend: Tyler and Mallory
Favorite toy: all of them
Favorite restaurant: Pei Wei
Favorite color: blue and green
Favorite song: It's a party in the USA
Favorite thing to do: wrestle with Daddy

This kid is a total mama's boy and I love him! He can get a little moody if he's hungry, he's got an amazing memory, loves to do puzzles, ride his bike, play sports, quotes The last Airbender cartoon like crazy, and is a pretty funny kid. Crazy he has been in my life for 5 years. Can't wait to see what the next 5 are like, and the 5 after that, and the next 5, etc...