Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take your son to work day

Did you know that today was take your son to work day? I didn't get the memo either until about 8am this morning when my son needed to be dropped off at my SIL Jen's house but we were stuck in traffic. I soon realized that it was indeed take your son to work day to avoid being late to my 9am training. He liked drawing on the board with me, erasing everything I had written down (before I had a chance to copy it down on paper!), copying what I was saying to the teachers, playing on the computer, and spending time with mom.

How did the teachers like having mini-me in their class today? I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow when the survey results are in...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spend the nights...

Posted by PicasaYou might call them sleep overs or slumber parties, but at our house they are officially known as spend the nights. I didn't know what this term meant when I first heard Sean refer to memories of spend the nights as a kid. Now the term has stuck. We had Carter's best buds (his cousins Mallory and Tyler) over for a spend the night recently. We had lots of fun having picnics, playing games, going to Splash Park, playing Super Hero/Prince and Princess, and eating treats!!

A spend the night is much more fun than a sleep over, don't ya think?

Thursday, September 17, 2009



Preschool was so much fun today. I used my new Promethean Board that I received this week for my new job.. The kids LOVED using the board and so did I!!!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Did you see this?

Did you see the VMA's last night? Taylor Swift won the award best female video and was giving her speech when Kanye came up and took the mic and said Beyone had the best video. Crazy!!! I thought it was a joke at a first. Check it...here

Saturday, September 12, 2009

baby Madison

Good work Spencer and Marlee! We loved getting to meet her this weekend. Every time Carter held her, he would smile and say, "she is so cute."

*Madison was born on September 8, 2009
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Friday, September 11, 2009

What to do?

Remember these pics from Lake Powell? I loved how they turned out so I got them made into 2 large canvas prints because they were 2 for the price of 1. I got them in the mail today and was so excited, until I saw the package. I expected them to be ready to hang. They were rolled up. Now I have no idea how to hang them. Any ideas? And, I have no idea WHERE to put them in my house. Any ideas? I am posting a couple of pics of some wall space in my house for those who haven't seen it. Need some input here!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

timing is everything

Sean is working in Phoenix now and is also now working nights. His hours are 8:30pm-6:30am. As of Thursday of last week he had not been home earlier than 10am. I had a job interview at 9am. I had a backup plan to have my mom come over to watch Carter if Sean wasn't home on time. At 7:30, Sean text me to say he was about to leave work. I called my mom at 7:32 and informed her, her services were not needed this morning. At 7:45, I got in the shower and proceeded to get ready. At 8:40, I found it odd that Sean wasn't home yet. I went to my phone and saw I had several messages. One was at 8:00, one was at 8:05, and another at 8:15. All messages from Sean, informing me he wasn't going to make it home, and wondering why I wasn't responding to his messages. At 8:41, I text him to make sure he was being serious (he's kinda crazy like that sometimes, jokin' with me all the time). Unfortunately, he was serious. At 8:43, I now had no choice but to throw some clothes on Carter, throw his Top Ramen (a very nutritious breakfast, right?) into a tupperware container, and head to the interview. At 8:58, I explained to Carter that I was meeting someone and needed him to be very quiet while I talked. I then waited at an outside table, very nervously, for the man I was meeting to show up. At 9:03 he appeared and gave me a double look as he cautiously asked if I was by chance Jessica. I put on a big smile and said yes, and that I brought some back up with me. At 9:35, the appointment was done, and I thanked him for being such a family oriented person! (Carter sat quietly and ate his noodles the entire time).

Sean was home at 9:20.

oh, my multi-tasking skills of feeding a child, watching over a child, and holding a business meeting at the same time must have stood out, because i got the job! and in case you were wondering, or even if you weren't wondering i am still going to tell you: it is a part time job working with the same school district i am already working with part-time through PLATO, teaching teachers to use technology in their classrooms.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reason #6 why I need to live in the same location as my husband

Monday I got into the shower, and it was COLD. I love a good scalding HOT shower. But I was in no such luck. It was freezing cold!! The husband, who is now living in the same location as I, was able to come home from work and fix it!

This morning, a light bulb went out. No big deal, I can change it. Except, I can't. I can't get the lightbulb out, it's too high and is seriously stuck. The husband, is about to fix it. Another bonus of living in the same location as the husband.

I highly recommend this living situation. It has lots of advantages.