Saturday, July 18, 2009

My buddy...

Carter LOVES Jack, his hamster! He spends a lot of time (when we are actually at home) in his tent with his other animals and Jack. Things I have overheard Carter saying while Jack was in his tent with him:

*I love you Jack
*Jack, this is an elephant, this is tiger, this is lion, this is zebra...
*Oh dang it, Jack just went poop in my tent!
*I'm going to get you Jack, you better run fast!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Final Countdown...

Daisypath Wedding Ticker

Do you see how many days are left?!?!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Baby Shower

The invitation:
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The decorations, gifts, and party:
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1. the gift table
2. the cute mom to be
3. advice for the mama bird
4. the DELISH grub
5. the decorations
6. the onsies i made for marlee
7. more decorations (the bird cages were the centerpieces from my junior prom! i was on student council and planned the prom-we had it at the phoenix zoo ballroom. my mom found the bird cages back then and good thing she kept them so we could use them today!)
8. the yummy thank you gifts (white almond chocolate covered popcorn!)

i had so much fun planning/decorating for marlee's baby shower. thanks to all who helped and showed up!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caitlyn's Room





Here are some pictures of my niece Caitlyn's room that my sister and I rececently redid. You can also see on the bed how her quilt turned out that I just gave her for her birthday. I love how it all turned out!
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Our Fourth of July fun


We went to see Spencer and Marlee in Sierra Vista for the 4th with my entire fam (minus Sean, Steve, and Cameron). Still that's a lot of people in one house! But it was lots of fun. The fun included: another Marlee led water aerobics class, going to The Cove (indoor swim park), playing volleyball, baseball, and red-neck horseshoes, shopping at Wal-mart, seeing the AWESOME fireworks show, decorating cookies, and making crafts with the kids.

After the fireworks Carter asked if we could come back next year. I said sure and then he asked, "can Daddy come too?" Sad.

Thanks again Spence and Marlee--can't wait til next year!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The call (5)

We last left off here

Later that week one of my friends called me to see if I wanted to meet him and a group of people at the movies. I thought it would be fun but asked who was going. He listed off the names and one of them was Sean. No thanks, I'm out. Why my friend, asked? I don't like Sean. Before I even finished my sentence, Sean was on the phone asking me to meet them at the movies. I had plans with Nick I told him. He asked me to cancel them. I said I couldn't. He went to the movie and I stayed home and watched 90210. (my "Nick" excuse had worked again!)

The next week I was over at a friend's house and "we" decided to call Sean. I called him.

Sean: hello
me: um, hi, do you know who this is?
Sean: ya, are you at Nick's house?
me: no, not right now
Sean: oh, too bad
me: ya, you're still pretty stuck on yourself (another good comeback, i'm full of 'em!)
Sean: you too. we should go out on friday
me: i can't. i have plans
Sean: with Nick?
me: no actually, with this (basketball) guy i'm dating
Sean: ok, then saturday?
me: ok

i can't wait for saturday...