Sunday, March 27, 2011

6 months

*baby girl turned 6 months on st. paddy's day
*we celebrated with some green pancakes, she was in heaven
*she loves baby food and any other food item you give her; especially some ice cream. she does not like to share the yummy treat as you can see in the picture!
*loves animal crackers, pizza crust, and the peanut butter sandwich she stole from her brother. she really wants to eat anything even with no teeth
*rolls both ways
*sitting up on her own
*almost up on her knees
*wakes up once during the night to eat
*loves carter & caitlyn
*19.2 lbs, 28 inches
*still no bottle :(

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making their debut appearance...

Last night was a talent show at church. Caitlyn had worked hard with a friend to make up a dance and then her friend couldn't be there. Luckily, Carter and I had been over when the girls were working on the dance so Carter had the whole thing memorized (his memory seriously amazes me). Caitlyn asked him to fill in for her friend and he said he would! On one condition of course...that I do it with them. So in our debut appearance, I give you "Dynamite."