Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Anyone got a caption for this picture? (idea stolen from Jen)
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hummingbird Triathlon

I went to Sierra Vista this weekend to do the Hummingbird Triathlon with my brother Spencer. I ended up getting 3rd in my age group. P.S the girl who got 2nd beat me by 6 seconds! 6 seconds, are you serious!?? (and yes Wendy, there were more than 3 people in my bracket!!) This is the same pose we have in our yearbook for "cute campus siblings." Still cute.
800 meter swim (I did it in 16 minutes. This is a couple minutes faster than my last 800 meter swim tri. I was in the lane next to Spence and he wooped up on me. I think he lapped me twice!)
The bike was 13 miles and I met my goal of 45 minutes. The first half was down hill and was great. The way back was a little bit harder.
I did the run in about 26 minutes. My overall time was 1 hour and 32 minutes. Now, onto the next one (Casa Grande, Nov. 7th--anyone want to do it?)
Thanks for the fun weekend Spence and Marlee! I missed racing with Marlee (she's 9 months prego so I might have actually had a small chance at beating her!) But she sure makes a great coach, cheering me on and telling me how much further to go, and to pump my arms!! Thanks coach!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Soul sisters...

Today I got a package in the mail. It was from my old roommate Christina. She and I were roommates for my junior and senior years at BYU. She sent me the Jessica Simpson shoes pictured below because her sister never wore them and they were my size! And most importantly a package of gummy bears, because she knows they're my fave! Aren't the shoes so cute. I'm in LOVE. I believe I will wear them to church on Sunday with this skirt I made today. Perfect together, right?Isn't it weird how some people you meet you are really good friends with, but only for a short time until one of you moves away. But other people you meet you are lifelong friends with them no matter what happens or who moves where? That's Christina and I. We aren't roommates anymore (good thing, it might be kinda weird living with each other and our husbands!), but looking back on the pictures I love those days, and am sure glad we are still friends.
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Thanks again for the shoes Christina, now get down here to visit me!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Year: 2001
Scene: Las Vegas
Background: Sean and I had been dating for about a year (most of which I was away at BYU). We went with a group of friends to Vegas for some reason, I can't remember.

Saturday night: walking down the strip holding hands, involved in some important conversation, the topic of which I can't remember. But I do remember this:

Sean: you know I love you.
Jess: what?
Sean: umm, you know I
Jess: no, that's not what you said
Sean: yes it is...I really love soccer. So when do you have to go back to school?

Classic. And this is only Part 1.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


in my onsie tutorial post, my friend ellen said, "who knew you were so domestic." it's true. really, who knew the girl who used to go by kat and had a sub woofer in her t-bird would be so domestic. and yet, i love it. i am finding as i do these projects, i really love to sew. i made this skirt, dress, and pajama pants for carter in the last couple of weeks. so far i have really loved everything i made. except for the dress. it looks cute, right? but when i put it on, i just don't like it. at first i thought it was the sleeves, originally they were longer and fuller. i fixed those. not it. then i thought it was the belt. took it off. not it. when it's on i think it looks like a maternity dress. maybe it's because my mom really did use this same material to make my sister a maternity dress and so that's what i see when i put it on? nevertheless, i am still pretty impressed with myself that i made a dress!

Reason #5 why I need to live in the same location as my husband

I HATE crickets. Seriously hate them. I scream when they hop at me. Freaks me out. Sean once got me to eat a chocolate covered cricket when we were dating--they had them at Cold Stone. I about puked. He had to know then that this love of our was True love, right? But seriously, hate to kill crickets, and we get them at our house. Always have. No matter how much we have the bug man come, we still get crickets. I've been teaching Carter to kill them for me and throw them away. I know, I'm a good mom, teaching her son critical life skills.

Come home to the crickets, love. To kill them, not to eat them. Won't do that again, no matter how true the love is.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little bit of Heaven...

this is my room at my parent's house. my scrapbooking station. i leave it out all the time and when i am over there i do a page or two at a time. this has been one of the only good things about sean being gone...i have gotten SO much scrapbooking done. a few more pages and i am COMPLETELY up to date! heaven.

Monday, August 10, 2009


My nephew Spencer asked me to make him a quilt for his birthday. This is my third quilt this year for nephews and a niece. He asked me for soccer balls on the quilt but I couldn't find any material I liked so I went with the basketball and tiger print instead. I think it totally fits his personality and I think this is my favorite one so far! The next one doesn't have to me made until November so I have a little bit of time at least!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

The trip on the houseboat with the Forsberg family was full of lots of stuff:

*lots of digging in the sand
*lots of skiing and wakeboarding every morning at 6am
*lots of fishing
*lots of nonstop playing with cousins
*lots of relaxing
*lots of reading (studied Sunday School lesson and read 2 other books during the week!)
*lots of good grub
*lots of good tube rides
*lots of swimming and running up the mountains
*lots of A/C and 2 working bathrooms after the first night of sleeping under the stars and roughing it outside!
*lots of fireworks each night
*lots of missing Sean on the trip! And Spencer and Marlee
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Onsie Tutorial

Alright, so here are some step by step directions for the onsies I made for my SIL Marlee.
1. The supplies: onsie, material, pattern (I bought a wooden bird from Joanne's for 99 cents) 2. Trace/cut out the pattern
3. Use double sided pellon and iron it onto the pattern.

4. Cut out the extra pellon around the pattern and place the pattern on the onsie

5. Iron on the pattern to the onsie

6. You're ready to sew the pattern onto the onsie. I did a straight stitch around the bird with light blue thread.

7. You're finished!

**I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow and made some more onsies and some matching burp cloths. I hope she likes them!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The finished product

While my sister Wendy was away at Girls' Camp my BIL Steve and I painted their bedroom to surprise her. With new bedding and curtains this room is complete!
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