Monday, September 26, 2011

Lake Powell

Carter doing some tricks (one handed) on the ski. He told me he was going to do some jumps on his next turn.
We go to Lake Powell with my family every year (for as long as I can remember). It's a great vacation. We stayed on a houseboat that is nicer than my house! We were sad to only be able to stay for 3 days while everyone else who went stayed for the whole week. We missed those from the fam who couldn't make it.
Charlotte was of course as happy as could be because there was plenty of dirt for her to play in!
Carter was happy because he got to go fishing!
Char's first sea doo ride--we had to pull her away from the sand! That's seriously all she did all 3 was very relaxing for me!
I'm so proud of Carter...he learned how to waterski! I got lots of good waterskiing and wakeboarding in myself, the water was perfect because the lake was dead this time of year!
The three little girls in matching outfits from Nana. They will have so much fun together when they are older.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Char Char!!

Can't believe she is 1. Love this little girl so much. She has such a fun personality. Here's what she's up to as a big 1 year old:

-2 teeth
-still a mama's girl. so much that she needs to wake up every night to see me!
-shakes her head no when you ask her a question
-says bye, hi, hello, mommy, mama, dada
-loves Carter
-gives high five, hugs, and kisses
-loves baby dolls and dirt!
-loves to sing, can't keep her quiet in church!
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Friday, September 9, 2011


3 kindergarteners
2 second graders
2 fifth graders
2 eighth graders

Only 1 cousin (who is in school) is missing because she is in high school. All of the others are at the same school. I LOVE it! I love seeing Carter's older cousins walk him to his class in the morning when I drop them off. I love when I go to lunch with Carter and watch Carter and Tyler play "chase" with Mallory and her friends (Tyler and Carter are going to love having a girl cousin their age when they are older!) It's so great knowing they all have each other at school, in the crazy world we live in.

Spencer and Marlee are going to have a long commute for their kids to get to school with the rest of the cousins, once Madi starts school!!!