Monday, February 27, 2012


Since moving into our new home, I have a new love of gates. The pictures are backwards, but you still get the idea. This is what is behind the gate shown in the 2nd picture. It's Carter's secret fort. Countless hours have already been spent in here playing with cousins.

Behind gate number 2 (shown in the 4th picture) is the entrance into our neighbors backyard. Normally, this might be weird but since it's my parents' backyard, we're pretty excited about it. It's like opening the gate into the Secret Garden. There's all kinds of fun in their backyard. We just had this gate put in between our backyards last weekend and I totally love it, maybe even more than the kids!

And last of all, this gate. It might look like a table at first glance, which it is, but we made it out of a gate! I found the gate while out running in the neighborhood last week. It happened to be uncontained trash pick up week so there are random piles of stuff in front of peoples houses that will get picked up and hauled away. One of these random piles happened to have these wooden gates laying there. I loved them immediately. I ran right home, got in my car, drove back to the spot and loaded the gates up. I had a vision of how I would construct these gates into a coffee table for the couch in our bedroom all by myself and how impressed Sean would be with me. Well...apparently I don't cut straight with the chop saw and I don't measure very well either. I think I could have pulled it off in the end, but fortunately, Sean came to my rescue. I mean he came to help finish it with me so we could do it together. I am again loving another gate!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Student of the Month

Congratulations to Carter for being February Student of the Month! He was soooo excited. Both Grandma and Nana were able to go with me to the assembly to see him get his award. We went to his favorite "Lenny's" for ice cream after the assembly. Good work, Carter-Sauce!