Sunday, May 23, 2010

a future pro?

Carter and Caitlyn earned a bowling trip and Wendy and I were finally able to take them. They had a lot of fun and I think we may have a future pro on our hands. (and maybe a trend setter with that awesome Spider Man bandaid on his forehead! Nelly may have thought it was cool to wear a band aid on his cheek--but he was way off. Carter has the style down.) I'm just sayin'...check it out for yourself on the video.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

boys are cute too

I know it's going to be so fun to dress a baby girl but man if I was having another boy, I would for sure be keeping these onsies and not be giving them away! And I would be making a bunch more of the tie ones, tell me that isn't so cute!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally it's done!

Remember when I was almost done with projects? Then I realized I had to switch rooms around for the baby. Sean was really excited about this. We took everything out of the workout room and turned half the garage into the new gym. Carter is now residing in his new room; he wanted to decorate with cars. I pretty much had everything on hand, revamped a few things, and bought only a couple of things for the room. The best news was that the room was already painted a grey/blue color so there was no need to repaint!!! I am pretty excited about how it turned out, but the best part is hearing Carter singing in his room "I love my new room, it's the best room ever, my mom made it for me, I love my new room, it's totally awesome."

Get ready for some pictures...

1. I had this picture of my dad, uncle, and great Uncle Johnny in New York in front of some old cars. I blew it up, printed it out, and painted a frame I already had red and there you have it.
2. Carter made sure I took a picture of his new garbage can. He throws everything away in it, even if we are in another room and he has something to throw away he runs to his room.
3. Sean bought this light while he was working/living in Louisiana last year. I painted it red to match the room.
4. Carter really wanted a clock in his room. My mom gave me one she had that was yellow. I painted it red and cut out the car pictures from scrap material and glued them on the clock. I also painted the picture frame below the clock to match.
5. I made the checkered banner for Carter's birthday party and it was the perfect length of one of the walls in his room. The curtains were the ones already in the room. I just glued on some Cars chipboard pieces that I already had to help tie them in.
6. Carter has been asking for his own quilt for awhile now, after watching me make some for his cousins. He loves his that I finally finished for him!
7. I used extra material/ribbon to create a picture board in the room.
8. When Sean and I got married we started collecting license plates from the places we traveled. Perfect for Carter's car room.
9. I bought the two middle signs from Hobby Lobby for 5 bucks, Sean brought the bigger signs home from work. Hensel Phelps is the company Sean works for.
10. My mom bought this trunk for me when I went to college--perfect for holding all of Carter's trucks.
11. A close-up of the quilt and the embroidery work on it.
12. This is my dresser from high school.
13. This might be my favorite part of the whole room. My mom found this Cars piece of material and I bought the wood from Home Depot for 4 bucks and made a frame for it, all by myself!! I bought the tool chest from a garage sale and keep toys in it.
14. The view from the doorway.

I heart my boys

Sean was able to have the WHOLE weekend off for the first time in a long time. So we took advantage of it and headed up north to the family cabin. I LOVED watching Carter fishing with his Daddy.