Friday, June 29, 2012

Mini Vacation

With Sean's new job, his company has something every summer called Summer Regionals. The whole family is invited to come to a resort at a different location each year. This year it was in Tucson. So we packed up and drove down to Tucson for a long weekend. There is a meeting for the employee and spouse, a spouse's meeting, and a awards banquet for employees and spouses. Babysitting is provided for each of these events. The employee then has other meetings to attend for the first half of each day. The rest of the day is free time with family until dinner time that evening where there are activities for the kids. It was so relaxing and so fun! Sean works with his twin brother so I got to hang out with my sister-in-law and her kids at the pool all morning while the husbands were in meetings!

 Sean, Char, and Carter coming down from the water slide.
 My little fish. She loves the water!
 An unsuccessful attempt at trying to take a picture of a butterfly that kept landing on my toe
Carter went on the water slide for 1 hour straight! He would come down and go get back in line again. I couldn't believe how family oriented the whole weekend was. It was so much fun! Next year is in Sedona...can't wait!