Thursday, November 29, 2012

Carson's birth story

Your due date was December 3, 2012. I was scheduled to be induced on November 27th. A week before you were born I woke
 up not being able to walk. Something in my back was excruciating painful when I tried to walk. So I was pretty much on bed rest the whole week. Sunday morning the 25th at 3am I woke up with some
 contractions. At 3:30 they started coming every 3-5 minutes. After an hour of this I woke up your dad and said we need to call Nana to come over. He said, “are these the real contractions?” I stared at him then had another painful contraction. He said, “ok let’s do this!” We got ready to go and Nana came over to stay with Carter and Charlotte. We left the house at 5:15am. It is about a 20 minute drive to the hospital. We got checked into the Triage Room and I was dilated to a 6 and then my water broke. The nurse took us to go to the delivery room. After going about 30 feet, I said, “the baby is coming, I have to push.” The nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 10. She debated whether I should deliver you right there or if we could make it to the delivery room. She said to Dad, “grab your bag, we are running.” They began running to the delivery room yelling out directions to get ready for the baby to come. Meanwhile, I kept saying, “the baby is coming!!” The nurse told me to open my eyes and not push. We got to the delivery room and Dad describes it as a WWII scene. It was chaotic, no one was ready, and the doctor wasn’t there, There was no time for an I.V. or an epidural or to get anything else ready. After a minute or two the doctor arrives and I give a few pushes and you fly out and land right on my stomach!!! The chord was wrapped around your neck and you didn’t breathe right away but as soon as you started crying, I started crying. They announced you were a boy (we didn’t know yet) and we were so excited!! Dad said he knew you were a boy as soon as he saw your face because you looked just like Carter. I couldn’t believe how fast everything happened! You were born at 6:21am. The nurses all told us we made their morning very exciting! Carter and Charlotte came later in the day to meet you and fell in love with you immediately. We first named you Cody but after calling you that for a day or two it just didn’t fit you. Once we decided on Carson, we knew that was who you were!!

Carson Brandon Klippel

8 lbs 13 oz   21 inches long


Emily Foley said...

That is crazy! You are one tough chick! He is so perfect, congratulations, Jess. Too bad you couldn't even get an epidural to relieve your back pain a little. Do the doctors know what's going on with that?

Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

Yay the story! I had heard it was fast! I'm so happy that you got an exciting story, and that it went so fast! And it's a BOY!!!! Yay!!!! I hope you're doing ok! I may have to make a special trip that direction to meet the little guy! Miss you guys!!!!! Hope you get off bed rest soon!

Kimberly said...

What and exciting story. I am so happy for you. Congrats! Miss you guys!

christina said...

Wow. Happy for you guys!