Monday, September 24, 2012

September Happenings

 I'm 7 months pregnant. Pretty much everyone thinks I am due any day now. Real nice.

 My sister Wendy turned 40. We threw her a surprise party. We actually really surprised her! She LOVED the video I made of her for the party.
 Charlotte turned 2. We had a little family party for her with cake and ice cream. She loves the baby dolls she got.

 We had a ward campout. Charlotte had a blast in the dirt. Carter had a blast catching bugs. Sean was busy cooking breakfast for everyone and it was delish!

 Both kids went to town on the pinata. Carter was pretty proud of himself for cracking it open.
 We got a dog. He is a lab mix. He's 18 months old and is really a great dog. Char loves chasing him around the house with her stroller. The dog hates it. Carter loves everything about him.
 We stayed at the cabin after the ward campout. It was so nice up was hard to come home.


Andrea J said...

Y'all look so happy! Congrats!

Emily Foley said...

You look so pretty! How are you feeling? You look great. What a fun September. Happy birthday char and Wendy!

christina said...

You look beautiful - I LOVE your dress! September was good to you!

Jeanne Boulware said...

give me names of who said you look ready to have that baby. I'll set them straight.